Difference Between SaaS and Cloud EHR Software

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Every day, we find lots of news about cloud computing and web security. In simple terms, cloud computing moves the software from local computers to the Internet to make it more accessible. Another terminology related to cloud computing is SAAS (or software as a service). Many people are confused about the differences between cloud computing and SaaS. Here’re some basic explainations:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an architectural concept that focuses on where the software is located and how it functions, but it does not indicate how it facilitates the expenses of service. Cloud software are designed to run on multiple machines, which means if your business increases, you can simply add more virtual infrastructures  to fit your business needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

On the other hand, SAAS is a model of monetizing architecture. Under the framework of SAAS, a company can provide the client software through the cloud under different payment schemes. It could be through periodical subscriptions, limited manner over time, or by payments as you go. Some companies may even provide free software if they have other forms of income generation, such as through the ads displayed to the users.

The Ultimate Difference

Ultimately, cloud computing is an architecture while SaaS is a model of monetization. There is another significant difference when it comes to software and data. Under SAAS based systems, the user with admin rights provide access to all services. This represents a benefit for ordinary users to utilize increased security. But it can be a major problem for large corporations whose data are often confidential.

If necessary, a company can build its own network of cloud computing and make it available to their employees through its own internal network and the Internet. In this model of architecture, the software and data remain inside the corporation. This system protects data against intentional and unintentional leaks that can be harmful to your business strategy.

Cloud EHR Software

With the introduction of meaningful use of EHR software in medical industry, the use of EHR Software including the cloud technology is expanding. While the cloud technology is becoming a part of the individual healthcare experience on the web, on the other hand it is also facilitating healthcare providers with automated solutions. The emergence of cloud computing is definitely a forwarding step to advanced technology, as it makes possible to fully secure and protect your systems against threats. The appearance of SAAS as a monetization scheme also indicates that cloud computing is not just a mere concept. It is a sustainable model that can be implemented successfully.

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