Social Networks for Physicians: The Key to Success

Aug 17

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Who is not using any social network? Who does not consult or seek information through social networks nowadays? The social networks have become a key point of marketing for businesses. Thus, physicians can also use social networks to grow their clinic's businesses online. Social Media has become a basic pillar for clinics becoming known. Any medical facility should have a marketing plan for clinics where social networks are one of the main aspects to care.

Health centers, clinics, and hospitals are increasingly making use of the internet for both marketing and making themselves known to others. There are many strategies that can attract potential patients.

Sharing Latest Health Tips

It is increasingly common for health centers that have a presence in different social networks to share health tips with users who visit them online. Social networks like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are undoubtedly used to provide valuable information and advice to patients about different health issues.

Sharing Medical Experiments

There are two highly successful initiatives in a plan of marketing for clinics that cause outbreak among potential patients, initiatives that have been launched by several health centers and hospitals:

-     Relaying Live Surgical Operations

-     Tracking Live Experiments

Both initiatives are causing great impact on the population that queries the network, and more specifically in social networks. The live broadcast through social networks not only allows users or patients to know the methods used in medical and surgical procedures, but also helps hundreds of doctors to learn new medical and surgical techniques in detail.

Clinical Reputation

It takes months and even years of struggle for any business to make a good reputation, but only few seconds are enough to ruin that reputation. The image and reputation of the clinic is also an aspect that should be covered in the marketing tactics through social networks. And the world of health and wellness is not an alien world to the vast ocean of the Internet, that’s why more and more patients are turning to the Internet to look for a clinic, a specialist or specific information about a particular disease.

Interact with patients on social networks to achieve loyalty, communicate events and promotions, offer tips and valuable and accurate information on different health issues, are key steps to create a good reputation in the health center. Thanks to the social networks, now there is no need to invest large budgets and employ many resources to achieve an effective plan of clinical marketing, retaining patients, enhancing online reputation and therefore achieving higher sales. As you can see, the importance of social networks for clinics is more than evident.


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