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Today, there are many benefits of working in the cloud. Cloud storage software allows a business to be interconnected in real time. Below are the main benefits of working in the cloud with PACE+ Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software.


Benefits of working in the cloud with PACE+

When we talk about cloud computing, we normally means storing your private data on the internet so you can access your information on any device with an internet connection. However, many businesses, especially some healthcare facilities, also use this technology so both patients and the clinic itself can have access to the real-time data.

Central Database Access

Medical practices always have information distributed on different devices and accounts, as a result, there may be the probability of data loss, or the date is not available at the time needed. With PACE+, each user has their own password, but the shared data is accessible anytime anywhere.

Responsive to Any Device

Another advantage is that PACE+ cloud EHR Software does not require specific hardware. It adapts to all kinds of devices, including those used in a clinic on a daily basis, such as computers, phones or tablets.

Upgrade and Maintenance

A key part of the software is its functionality, especially when performing maintenance. By simply updating, we keep things run properly. At MSHealth, we have different support and maintenance plans. You can choose the one that suits your business the best.


Safety and Security

Another benefit of working in the cloud is the security provided by such systems. Data recovery servers allow you to recover all data even after it’s deleted. Thus, even if your equipment didn’t work or had any issues, your data is safe - thanks to the cloud.

Save Money You Spend On Expensive Storage

Many facilities are using cloud solutions to save their huge databases. Measure this against the number of external hard drives and USBs you’d have to purchase. It saves a lot. And with PACE+, maintenance is very simple as well.

Compatible with Other Integrated Software Systems

The possibility of integration between the cloud and the tools you’ve already been using is another major advantage. The cloud is compatible with other systems and software models, so you don’t have to change your management routines.

If you have a healthcare facility and you want to start managing your records via the cloud, contact us using the Contact Form. We offer customized medical practice management software for you to optimize the management of your business.


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