What Are The Meaningful Uses Of Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

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The development of information systems in health care is modifying certain aspects of clinical practice and producing changes in the near future that will require the participation professionals involved in patient care. It is important that the collection of terminological information in previous electronic medical records set to process and exploit it later.

The tools for processing terminological information in electronic medical records are based on documentary languages ​​that allow classifying and coding diseases. Once you change from old manual paper-based system to the electronic system, you will soon realize how easy it becomes for your staff to accomplish their tasks. Healthcare facilities are now increasingly converting their paper-based systems into the electronic system.

If you are looking for ways to make your healthcare facility processes more professionally, you might use the certified EHR Software.

What is EHR Meaningful Use?

While most businesses are still taking advantage of computer systems to computerize their basic functions and decrease the amount of work their staff has to do, IT experts have introduced the advanced EHR Software.

“Under the HITECH (Health Information Technology Economic and Clinical Health) Act, an EHR incentive program has been established through which individual physicians and hospitals can qualify to receive incentive payments if they achieve ‘meaningful use’ of ‘certified’ EHR technology.”

The statement shows that the U.S. government introduced this program to encourage health care providers to show "meaningful use" of a certified Electronic Health Record (EHR). In doing so, eligible providers who do so will receive incentive payments.

But still, many people want to know the objectives of this program.

Meaningful Use Objectives

According to, the objectives of meaningful use are:

-          Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities

-          Engage patients and family

-          Improve care coordination, population and public health

-          Maintain privacy and security of patient health information

You can find more information about objective of EHR Meaningful Use here: (

Why Use a Certified Electronic Health Records Software?

Using a certified EHR Software is important because it ensures specific securities. The patient details are confidential, by using a certified EHR the information, they will remain even more protected. Thus, it ensures that the patient information is safe, provides a standard way of entering information so it can be shared between suppliers, and also ensures a consistent way of recording. You also have to use ONC-ATCB certified software in order to qualify for meaningful use incentives. At MSHealth, we provide PACE+ cloud-based EHR software which is ONC-ATCB certified and HIPPA compliant software. PACE+ is designed specifically for mental health care facilities, behavioral healthcare facilities and human and social services providers.

Why use an EHR in a meaningful way?

The benefits of using an EHR in a meaningful way include reducing errors, availability of records, patient engagement through the ability to send reminders and alerts, tools to support the clinical decision to identify patients, monitoring and simplifying drug prescriptions. In addition, medical professionals who demonstrate that they are using an EHR in a meaningful way may qualify for significant federal financial incentives.

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