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Dec 30

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If you work with health and human services you know that managing patients can be a difficult task because of the balance you must have between medical care and meeting regulations.  There are many types of practices, levels of healthcare, and a myriad of regulations.

Meet Regulations

Having  electronic health record software and business management software can help you to organize, track, monitor and store all of the elements of your health and human services software. Good electronic healthcare software can help you to comply with regulations, establish comprehensive case management, and flexibly streamline your practice. The savings of implementing an EHR is often worth the investment.

The healthcare industry has to comply with many state and federal regulations. It can be a daunting task to gather all the needed documentation to meet regulations. A good electronic  health record application can store and make accessible all of the necessary documentation and data you need to show compliance.

Case Management

One of the biggest challenges in managing human healthcare services is keeping track of all the different services a patient receives. If a patient, for example, receives services from a psychotherapist,  a social worker, and an occupational therapist, then each provider may need to know what other services this patient receives. A quality human services software can connect the dots between providers. A healthcare provider can look at the various services to create a clearer picture of the total care needed to make good medical decisions.

Most healthcare providers, and especially human services providers, see many patients. Inputting important information into an electronic health record minimizes confusion and keeps doctors organized. Each provider can easily access information about the patient to avoid repeating care, skipping necessary testing,  over-prescribing  medications, etc...

Adds Flexibility

The electronic healthcare record software you select should be flexible enough to manage your individual practice. It should be customizable to the types of information you want to input and collect. It should also fit the formats you would like to store such as labwork reports, charts, or graphs. Many EHR software applications can store information in a variety of formats to store entire medical records.

Cloud Based Software

A quality EHR system will generally be web based. A web based system is easy to access and offers customizable levels of security. A cloud based system can store all of the needed information safely so it is accessible when you need it. MSHealth offers a secure web and cloud based system that can be tailored to your human services organization.

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