Key Strategies For Integrating EHR Software Successfully

Dec 29

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When you implement an electronic health record system in your practice, it’s important to train your staff properly. Without training, your employees will likely be susceptible to consistent interruption as they try to learn on the job. Here are some steps you can take to properly train your staff for EHR Software.

Organize an Integration Team

Put together a team of both staff members and management to oversee the training. They can assist with planning, decide on where training can be conducted, and make training a more efficient process. This team can also be a contact point for employees who have questions.

Assess any problems

Any transition in the workplace could bring about issues. Preparing for potential problems can help you minimize the problem itself should it occur. Identify the interruptions the transition could cause to your employees’ workflow, possible changes in performance, and any potential technical difficulties. Overall, make sure you plan for confusion and have a system in place to resolve it.

Make a Test Environment

Instead of immediately installing the new EHR Software and taking a sink or swim approach, let staff members try it out. Consider utilizing the technology in test group. There is less pressure when they can learn at their own pace, and the consequences of mistakes are much lower. Make sure that this is a temporary situation so that staff members understand this will soon become organization-wide.

Schedule Training and Testing 

It is important to clearly communicate the dates and times of training to everybody, as well as the testing period. Post them clearly, and double check to make sure everybody is aware. Having a sense of clear communication is vital to establishing a seamless or minimally problematic shift. 

Review and Assess

During and after the transition to your new electronic health records software, get feedback and reports on how everything is going. Find out how staff members feel about the transition. This can help you to more clearly understand what went well and what could use some improvement. You can learn from each time you implement a new policy, program or application. 

MSHealth offers comprehensive training and customer support to ensure the implementation of PACE+ EHR Software is successful.

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