Electronic Health Records: Growing In Popularity

Dec 22

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Medical Practice management is difficult. There are many elements involved, and plenty of stressors to deal with. It can be challenging to keep everything where it needs to be. There are ways to improve the process, though.  EHR software helps to streamline the paperwork side of a practice, and generally includes scheduling, patient records, e-prescription, and billing options


The   Growth   of   EHR

 Most healthcare practices utilize some form of electronic practice management now. Over 70% of medical care providers use electronic health records. As part of the government initiative to improve healthcare, providers are continuously required to adopt modern technology. How often the software is used varies by state and area, but more and more healthcare centers are utilizing this technology, with larger providers leading the way.


How   Does    EHR   Change   Medicine?


EHR has changed the way in which doctors and medical personnel function on a daily basis. It offers practical and helpful features such as:


• The ability to access and review scheduling


• The reduction of wait times


• Easy access to health records and patient history


• Improved communication between patients and healthcare providers


• Electronic prescriptions management


Put simply: EHR helps doctors do their job well. Patients benefit too, and will likely appreciate the efficiency that the systems provide.


MS Health provides web-based practice management software tightly integrated with an electronic health record system. As an EHR, MS health serves to boost efficiency and profitability. To learn more about our product, check out our Services.

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