How Saving Paper Helps Your Healthcare Practice

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Electronic health records offer plenty of advantages: lower costs, improved organization, and more. EHR Software is designed to enhance medical organizations’ functionality, but there is one unexpected positive consequence: saving paper.

EHR and Paper

Healthcare organizations use enormous amounts of paper, costing the companies storage and money that could be better used elsewhere. Keeping records electronically reduces paperwork, which cuts costs and, as an added benefit, makes the organization a bit more green too.  That’s not the only way a healthcare organization can reduce paper use, though. Here are some tips anybody can follow, whether they choose to utilize EHR systems or not.

Ways to Save Paper:

• Complete medical forms and doctor notes online in an EHR or EMR application

• Share medical information digitally

• Check for errors before printing to minimize reprints

• Print double-sided when possible

• Instead of distributing information to patients, direct them to an online source.


The advantages of Electronic Health Records have three distinct advantages. First: the money saved by minimizing paper use. Second: the ability to quickly fix mistakes digitally. And third:  electronic records are easily shared and accessed by medical personnel so that care can be more comprehensive. The patient record moves with the patient, rather than staying in a medical office. Less paper means less hassle, and less hassle means more work gets done.

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