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Understanding The Importance of Secure Data StorageAs more and more medical data begins to go digital, the necessity of digital security is increasing. HIPAA guidelines require that medical providers keep data protected. While many healthcare providers are managing security fine, some providers complain that their data is not protected. This begs the question: what are their security options?

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Advantages of Human Services SoftwareIf you work with health and human services you know that managing patients can be a difficult task because of the balance you must have between medical care and meeting regulations.  There are many types of practices, levels of healthcare, and a myriad of regulations.

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When you implement an electronic health record system in your practice, it’s important to train your staff properly. Without training, your employees will likely be susceptible to consistent interruption as they try to learn on the job. Here are some steps you can take to properly train your staff for EHR Software.

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Medical Practice management is difficult. There are many elements involved, and plenty of stressors to deal with. It can be challenging to keep everything where it needs to be. There are ways to improve the process, though.  EHR software helps to streamline the paperwork side of a practice, and generally includes scheduling, patient records, e-prescription, and billing options

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Electronic Health Record SystemElectronic health records offer plenty of advantages: lower costs, improved organization, and more. An EHR system is designed to enhance medical organizations’ functionality, but there is one unexpected positive consequence: saving paper.

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