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Every day, we find lots of news about cloud computing and web security. In simple terms, cloud computing moves the software from local computers to the Internet to make it more accessible. Another terminology related to cloud computing is SAAS (or software as a service). Many people are confused about the differences between cloud computing and SaaS. Here’re some basic explainations:

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Normally, people do not like to go to the hospitals, but it's okay for patients to know some things about these sites. While you have an emergency or have an appointment scheduled, going to a hospital is overwhelming. Sometimes, when you’re worried about a loved one, and once you arrive at the hospital, the situation only seems to be tenser.

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Who is not using any social network? Who does not consult or seek information through social networks nowadays? The social networks have become a key point of marketing for businesses. Thus, physicians can also use social networks to grow their clinic's businesses online. Social Media has become a basic pillar for clinics becoming known. Any medical facility should have a marketing plan for clinics where social networks are one of the main aspects to care.

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Sometimes, in our healthcare system, providers do not conduct proper analysis and measurements. However, this process is essential for a proper clinical management. The rapid evolution of the world of health in all areas comes to be truly amazing and relevant, especially regarding measurements. Unfortunately, it is more common than desired that a large sum of significant metric data is lost, which are interspersed with many irrelevant statistics.

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Partly due to the government incentives, many small medical practices are changing their paper records of their patients into electronic records into a computer system, which is called electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR). Medical practices use the terms interchangeably, but there is a significant difference between the two.

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Today, there are many benefits of working in the cloud. Cloud storage software allows a business to be interconnected in real time. Below are the main benefits of working in the cloud with PACE+ Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software.

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The requirements in the health clinical management system, both public and private, are increasing. Health professionals need to put more energy into providing health services each year, which results in an increased level of stress for each professional, since what is at stake is the health of their patients as well as their own careers.

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Good mental health is not merely the absence of mind sickness. It also means the ability to function in an emotionally and intellectually positive and productive way. Mental health conditions are affecting men and women of all ages, ethnicities and social classes, though some conditions are more common among certain groups. Mental health is about how we think, experience and respond, and how this impacts our lives.

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The development of information systems in health care is modifying certain aspects of clinical practice and producing changes in the near future that will require the participation professionals involved in patient care. It is important that the collection of terminological information in previous electronic medical records set to process and exploit it later.

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Patient Relationships and EHR systemsDoctors often voice concern about their patient’s satisfaction when it comes to adopting EHR software. Their logic makes sense: just look at how the average person feels when a friend stops listening to check a text. EHR is effective, though, and avoiding it often means avoiding efficiency for the sake of a fear that may not be justified.
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Understanding The Importance of Secure Data StorageAs more and more medical data begins to go digital, the necessity of digital security is increasing. HIPAA guidelines require that medical providers keep data protected. While many healthcare providers are managing security fine, some providers complain that their data is not protected. This begs the question: what are their security options?

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Advantages of Human Services SoftwareIf you work with health and human services you know that managing patients can be a difficult task because of the balance you must have between medical care and meeting regulations.  There are many types of practices, levels of healthcare, and a myriad of regulations.

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When you implement an electronic health record system in your practice, it’s important to train your staff properly. Without training, your employees will likely be susceptible to consistent interruption as they try to learn on the job. Here are some steps you can take to properly train your staff for EHR Software.

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Medical Practice management is difficult. There are many elements involved, and plenty of stressors to deal with. It can be challenging to keep everything where it needs to be. There are ways to improve the process, though.  EHR software helps to streamline the paperwork side of a practice, and generally includes scheduling, patient records, e-prescription, and billing options

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Electronic Health Record SystemElectronic health records offer plenty of advantages: lower costs, improved organization, and more. An EHR system is designed to enhance medical organizations’ functionality, but there is one unexpected positive consequence: saving paper.

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The use of cloud based electronic health records is growing, especially in larger healthcare centers such as hospitals. However, the type used varies depending on a variety of factors. Some practices choose a client-server EHR on site, while others use a cloud-based solution. Each type comes with its own pros and cons. Lets examine the differences between a client server based EHR and newer cloud based EHR.

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